Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hawk Ridge Banding Report September 1-10, 2014

This is the Hawk Ridge banding report for the period of September 1-10, 2014. 

Passerine Banding Summary
Raptor movement  was certainly below some expectations, while the passerine migration seem strong. The passerine banding was in operation for three days in September, thus far, yielding 340 birds banded of 28 species. First of the season included Myrtle Warbler, Western Palm Warbler, Lincoln Sparrow, and Swamp Sparrow

Margie Menzies
Hawk Ridge Songbird Bander/Naturalist
Northern Oriole (image by Margie Menzies)

Raptor Banding Summary

The raptor banding stated off well with a Northern Raven (honorary raptor) banded at Paine Farm by Nova Mackentley on the 1st, and an adult Bald Eagle was banded by Chris Neri on the 3rd.  A small flight starting on the 5th was steady until the 8th. Mainly immature female Sharp-shinned Hawk made up the flight but a nice mix of other raptors were banded. We are typically in the bulk movement of immature female Sharp-shinned Hawk flight, but those and other raptors generally seen at this point have been slow coming. Hopes of movement are behind and not a result of poor breeding.

A total of 313 hawks were banded and are as follows: Bald Eagle-1, Northern Harrier-7, Sharp-shinned Hawk-267, Cooper’s Hawk-5, Northern Goshawk-1, Broad-winged Hawk-2, Red-tailed Hawk-2, American Kestrel-10, Merlin-16, Peregrine Falcon-2.

Adult Bald Eagle 
Hatch-year Peregrine (image by Karen Stubenvoll)
P.S. We will soon be starting owl banding and eagerly await our new owl bander, Madison (Madi) McConnell who will be coming from Alaska, where she's worked in the arctic the past two summer. She currently lives in Fairbanks and has worked on owl banding projects for Denver Holt and Scott Weidensaul. She visited the Hawk Ridge banding operation in 2012 on her way east.

Madi McConnell visiting in 2012 (image by Karen Stubenvoll)
Frank Nicoletti
Hawk Ridge Banding Director

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