Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hawk Ridge Banding Report-September 11-20, 2014

Passerine Banding Report

During the period of 9/11-9/20, there were 224 birds banded at the Hawk Ridge Passerine Research Station. Thrushes were moving through in good numbers during the period. Highlights were banding Pileated Woodpeckers on both 9/16 and 9/17. The cumulative total is 1393 birds banded through 9/20. These numbers are higher compared to last year's slow pace.

David Alexander

Raptor Banding Report

The raptor movement has certainly picked up with several days of good flights. The raptor banders have been busy and putting in long days. Some highlights among the 1,035 raptors banded included two Bald Eagles captured on the 20th, an adult at Paine Farm and a third year at Moose Valley, 7 Broad-winged Hawks captured between all stations on the 16th, an adult female Peregrine on the 14th and two Richardson's Merlin during the period.  Owl migration started on the 13th when David Alexander and Kaitlin Alford opened the nets for 3 hours, however no owls were captured, even under good condition. The owl migration has been slow with a few Northern Saw-whet Owls, but unexpected was an early Long-eared on the 17th.

The numbers for the period are as follows; Bald Eagle-2, Northern Harriers-9, Sharp-shinned Hawk-945, Cooper's Hawk-9, Northern Goshawk-1, Broad-winged Hawk-8, Red-tailed Hawk-9, American Kestrel-11, Merlin-32, Peregrine Falcon-2, Northern Saw-whet Owl-6 and Long-eared Owl-1.
Nova Mackentley with adult Bald Eagle (Karen Stubenvoll)

Chris Neri and Madi McConnell looking at molt (Kaitlin Alford)

Adult female Peregrine Falcon (Chris Neri)

"Richardson's" and "Boreal" Merlin's, both hatch-year male (Chris Neri)

Madi and Kaitlin's First Northern Saw-whet Owl
Frank Nicoletti
Hawk Ridge Banding Director

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