Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hawk Ridge Evening Owl Programs!

Owl Evenings at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve
Weekends Beginning Friday September 26!

The Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is well known for its amazing views of migrating raptors and songbirds throughout the fall season. While visitors may be familiar with the research and education efforts conducted by Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory staff during daylight hours, most people are unaware that we continue working throughout the night!

Northern Saw-whet Owl (photo by Michael Furtman)
The evening Owl Program will shine a light onto the mysterious nature of the nocturnal migrants flying over Hawk Ridge. Participants will learn about the research methods being used to study owl activity in the area as well as how to identify many of the species that can be observed in Northern Minnesota by sight and sound. This outdoor evening program takes place at the education lecture area at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve.

Hawk Ridge Naturalist, Margie, with Barred Owl (photo by A. Geniusz)

The cost to attend the owl program is $5 per individual or $20 for a family.  A maximum of 60 participants may attend each Friday or Saturday night. All tickets are available for purchase at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve main overlook merchandise trailer or by calling (218) 428-6209 between 9am-4pm.

Evening Owl Program Schedule
Fridays & Saturdays 

Oct. 4 8pm
Oct 10 8pm
Oct 11 7:30pm (kids program 12 & under - must be accompanied by adult)
Oct 17, 18 8pm
Oct 24, 25 8pm

Long-eared Owl banded at Hawk Ridge (photo by K. Stubenvoll)
NOTE: Owl programs can only be done when weather conditions are favorable, so some cancellations are to be expected. When this happens, ticket holders will be notified via phone prior to the start of the program and  have the option of attending a future owl program if openings remain. However, because of the popularity of this program and the limited number of nights it can be offered, there may not be openings available that fit your schedule. Unused tickets will be applied as a donation to support the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory bird conservation research and education programs. We appreciate your support!

If you have questions, contact us at or call us at 218-428-6209 or ASK us at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve between 9am-4pm daily.

Thanks and we hope to see you at the Ridge this fall!

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