Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hawk Ridge Volunteers Make A Difference!

What does it mean to volunteer at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory? Well, in the most simple way to put it, it means that the volunteers are our right-hand helpers and help with EVERYTHING! So, if you were to ask a volunteer, what does it mean to volunteer at Hawk Ridge? You would likely get a variety of responses. To us, they are the glue that keeps this organization functioning. We have a lot of big ideas at Hawk Ridge and our volunteers help make those ideas happen. We could not function in the same capacity without them.

Marie, Overlook volunteer
In general, our volunteers help us at the main overlook during the fall season at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve. They greet and inform the public about the migration. They help with pointing out birds and teaching people how to identify birds. If they do not know how to teach about identifying birds in they air, they can teach people how to use binoculars and show people different wings, tails and talons we have. If nothing else, our volunteers are a friendly face that says hello and welcomes visitors when they come to the Ridge and that is probably the most important job after all.

Our volunteers also help out in a lot of ways with the behind-the-scenes tasks. We have specially trained volunteers helping Frank with both the raptor and passerine banding programs. We have volunteers that help with the count and volunteers that come to the office to assist Janelle with administrative duties. Volunteers also help with trail work and the stewardship management aspects of keeping the nature reserve in order.

Rachael, Banding Station Volunteer

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is a community of people coming together for the same reasons,  a love for nature and a love for birds. Our volunteers come to Hawk Ridge for not only share those same reasons, but also exemplify to the public what it means to serve for a greater purpose. I can honestly say that every volunteer I have met is a great inspiration, especially when it comes to showing what it means to give to what you care about. This passion  is passed on to the staff, visitors, and other volunteers. Volunteers help keep our dream and vision alive.

With that, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the volunteers who are here to help with everything that we need to achieve our mission of bird conservation research, education, and stewardship of Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve. You are the best!

P.S. If you are visiting and have a chance to chat with one of our volunteers, please give them a special thank you as well. What a fine, dedicated crew we have!

Harry, Overlook volunteer

Katie Swanson
Hawk Ridge Volunteer Director

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