Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Migration Magic Workshop - REGISTER TODAY!

Experience the Magic of Migration with this new 2-day workshop at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve taking place Sunday, September 28 and Monday, September 29, 2014. 

American Kestrel by Cory Ritter
The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of the premier migratory routes for raptors and songbirds in North America. Hundreds of thousands to millions of birds migrate via this route, and many of them pass directly over Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve. In this workshop, on location at Hawk Ridge, we will explore the background of how this corridor developed and the forces behind such an exceptional migratory corridor.

Banding Director, Frank Nicoletti (photo by Karen Stubenvoll)
Participants will have the opportunity to observe the migration in motion, learn from expert staff about specific types birds, their life histories and adaptations, follow daily trends on how the 2014 migration season is progressing, and observe the research efforts in place at Hawk Ridge, including the passerine, raptor and owl banding stations. What an opportunity for up close views of a wide variety of bird species! Join us for the experience of a lifetime.

This is a very busy and hands-on class, so class size is limited (min. 7, max. 12). Course will take place rain or shine, so the show must go on regardless of the weather. Course fee is $120 and covers materials and resources. Course Instructor: Margie Menzies and other Hawk Ridge Staff.

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Northern Goshawk by Erik Bruhnke

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