Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Incredible Weekend at Hawk Ridge!

What an incredible weekend it was at the Hawk Ridge main overlook.  We had a wonderful crowd of interested and excited visitors.  We taught programs, pointed out birds, showed wings and talons, and led banding stations tours.  Volunteer, Susan Bauer, helped children make bird masks out of paper plates and binoculars out of toilet paper tubes.  Our banders caught and banded birds, our counters counted.  The weather cooperated beautifully and the birds came. 

Two happy, young visitors!

On Sat. 9/20, when I was done teaching the main part of Eyes on the Skies, our beginning hawk watching class, and as we were working on our quiz page we suddenly, heard Dave Carman yell out, "Golden Eagle!"  We dropped our quizzes and brought our binoculars to focus on the golden.  We got a pretty good look at it and broke into smiles and laughter.  Shortly after that, the counters called out a Northern Goshawk.  Two great moments in a row.

A beautiful day.

Later, we watched Broad-winged Hawks kettle, stream over us, and then kettle again, right over the overlook.  The birds swirled in different directions, low, where we could all see them without straining at our binoculars.  It was beautiful.  We ooohed, aaahed and laughed with delight.  People told me they were hooked, that they would be back again.  So many visitors, volunteers and staff said over and over, "What a great day"! 

Not every day is so extraordinary.  But every day, every moment really, has that potential.

Come join us.  Experience the magic.

Gail Johnejack
Education Director

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