Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A few volunteer faces!

We have all said it thousands of times but it is so true that it is worth saying again, we could not do the work we do without the Hawk Ridge volunteers. Every year we are recruiting new volunteers and have returning volunteers that come year after year. They all bring there own flare and skills along with them and have interests in different parts of Hawk Ridge. Meet a few of this seasons new volunteers.

Eloyes Hill

Eloyes is a new volunteer as of this year. She is retired from her day job but she finds many other things to fill her time. Eloyes is a master naturalist and spends some time doing classes on the weekends. Eloyes lives in Duluth so she is able to come to the ridge often during the fall. She volunteers at the Hawk Ridge overlook around once a week. She is great to have around and is always on top of getting things done. The count board is updated and the visitors counts are done in a timely manner when she is around.  She is also full of good ideas and making sure she is "in the know" of what is going on that day.

Eloyes getting ready to release a juvenile, female Northern Harrier

Andy Witchger

Andy is also a first year volunteer. He does most of his volunteering for Hawk Ridge with the passerine banding program. He helps naturalist and bander in charge, Margie, at the main overlook doing educational songbird banding. Andy is a teacher of language arts in Minneapolis. He drives up to Hawk Ridge once a week. Andy has a keen interest in songbird banding and would like to continue to help Margie wherever she is banding.

Andy with a juvenile, male Sharp-shinned hawk

Taylor Birkelo

Taylor is a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He is studying outdoor and environmental education. He is taking a class called field interpretive techniques and was required to volunteer some time at an organization that does environmental education. He chose Hawk Ridge because of his love of being outside in nature. Taylor is always helpful and open to doing what needs to be done. He is also interested in doing trail maintenance on the nature reserve if we need it.

These are just a few of the awesome volunteers that we have had up at Hawk Ridge this season. They all come from different walks of life, have different interests and different skills but are all here because of a fond interest in nature and birds. This is what makes the community involved with Hawk Ridge so special. We appreciate all the help, ideas and input that each and every one of our volunteers contribute. Having different volunteers at Hawk Ridge, give each season its own special twist. Thank you again to all the volunteers for their work and dedication.

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