Monday, October 6, 2014

Hawk Ridge Banding Report 9/21-9/30 & monthly totals

Passerine Banding Report

An increase in the number of days covered and higher numbers of passerines banded this season are due to the hard work of David Alexander and Margie Menzies. They are continuing the process of training new volunteers and spending more time banding. We are looking forward to making this a larger part of the overall banding research at Hawk Ridge with specific projects and goals to increase our knowledge of passerine migration that occurs.

During the period of September 21-30, 317 birds of 43 species were banded with 7 days of coverage. Highlights included 5 Brown Creepers, 2 Orange-crowned Warblers, 1 Connecticut Warbler, 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets, and the season's first Winter Wren on the 30th.
Hatch-year female Pileated Woodpecker (Miranda Durbin)
Brown Creeper (Margie Menzies)
Blue-headed Vireo (Margie Menzies)
The monthly totals for September are 1,021 birds banded of 53 species with 18 days of coverage.

Margie is also doing an educational banding program at the overlook every Sunday (weather permitting) during the season to introduce visitors to the banding process and the importance of banding research. This has also provided a great opportunity for visitors of all ages to come out to view these little jewels that migrate through the Ridge. The numbers banded from overlook were 80 birds of 18 species among the 3 days of banding thus far.

Margie Menzies
Hawk Ridge Naturalist/Passerine Bander
Owl Banding Report

The owl migration started off slow, but picked up toward the end of the month. A total of 134 Northern Saw-whet Owls and 3 Long-eared Owls were banded during 15 nights of operation. Owl banding started on the 13th. Northern Saw-whet Owl age ratio is nearly 50% hatch-year, which is sharply different compared to last fall at this time when there was no hatch-year by this date.  The 3 Long-eared’s have all been hatch-year as well.
Madi looking for molt (Karen Stubenvoll)

Madison McConnell
Hawk Ridge Owl Bander

Raptor Banding Report

The hawk banding was good during the period of September 21-30, with fair weather and good movements on southerly winds. Among 476 hawks banded during the period were the following: Northern Harrier-10, Sharp-shinned Hawk-407, Cooper’s Hawk-6, Northern Goshawk-9, Re-shouldered Hawk-1 (4 record), Broad-winged Hawk-4, Red-tailed Hawk-5, American Kestrel-5, Merlin-26, and Peregrine-3.

Red-shouldered Hawk (Miranda Durbin)

Cooper's Hawk, ASY-F (Chris Neri)
Northern Harrier, ASY-F (Chris Neri

Peregrine Falcon, HY-female (Chris Neri)

A total of 1847 hawks have been banded during September and are as follows: Bald Eagle-3, Northern Harrier-26, Sharp-shinned Hawk- 1,648, Cooper’s Hawk-20, Northern Goshawk-11, Red-shouldered Hawk-1, Broad-winged Hawk-14, Red-tailed Hawk-16, American Kestrel-27, Merlin-74, Peregrine Falcon-7.

As with a project this large, there are many staff, volunteers and others who make it all happen. I want thank all involved in making this project a success.

Frank Nicoletti
Hawk Ridge Banding Director


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