Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hawk Ridge Volunteer Weather & Raptor Forecast

By Katie Swanson, Volunteer Director

Each year at Hawk Ridge we have new volunteers that come onto our team. They come from all different walks of life and have many different goals while volunteering at Hawk Ridge. They also bring a lot of unique passions and skills to the table.

This year, we have a new volunteer named, Scott Palacheck. He has been coming to the Ridge for many years and felt inspired to finally become an official volunteer. Scott volunteers at the Ridge at least once a week. He is great at talking to visitors, pointing out birds and helping us do traffic control. These are all very needed tasks at the main overlook. However, Scott has brought a more unique passion to Hawk Ridge this year. He is an amateur meteorologist. Scott has shared a few weather forecasts with the volunteers and staff, but would also like to share his thoughts with the public. Here is Scott's weather/raptor forecast for the next few days below.

Greetings fellow birders, this is Scott Palacheck reporting from the HRBO weather desk.

Mother Nature will keep the cool air flowing from the WNW at a steady 10-15mph until Friday. This should keep the birds moving south and pushing them closer to us at Hawk Ridge. The temperatures will range in the low to mid 50's during the day with part sun and part clouds. The sun should create some thermals and encourage the birds to keep moving.

To stay warm and comfortable on the ridge during the week, bring outdoor fall weather wear, such as a fleece and medium hooded jacket that will also protect you from the wind. Don't forget to bring something to keep your head and hands warm as well.

If coming to the Ridge closer to the weekend, bring your rain gear, as well as your warm clothes. Saturday and Sunday will top out in the mid 50's with a 50/50 chance of rain. The winds will shift to the S and SW so the birds may slow down a bit but we can hope to see them flying lower those days.

Lets keep rocking the Ridge before mother nature kicks us off for the season!

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